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Why Are My Teeth Brown ?

This is a question I often get asked along side why are my teeth stained?

Well here is a list of a few of the likely causes of  extrinsic staining (staining on the enamel surface)

1, Coffee – yes that  is true coffee in excess can cause brown stains on teeth.

2, Tea the nations favorite even as a council the tea council

3, Smoking – well this one is commonly knownif your looking to quit then have a look at the quit site

4, Red wine – remember the song

5, Curries have a look at the curry house for all the different varieties

6, long term antiobiotics – this is a strange one but antiobiotics and change the flora in your mouth (chnage the balance of bacteria) causing some bacteria to poliferate and these then go on to leave a dark sticky black pigment on the teeth

So am I saying don’t do any of the above .   Well everything must be in moderation (apart from the smoking) and good tooth brushing and regular dental visits should ensure that staining is dealt with early on. This is not a complete list

soon will post about intrinsic staining and also how staining can be removed

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